About Us

Handshake (Pvt) Limited is the dreamy identity of exceptional cooperative effort where 50 members are energetically performing to achieve the economic along with its social goal. It has been registered under the Joint Stock Limited of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It has specific TIN identity with Bank Account and trade License. It is governed by a very vigorous board of 5 directors and advisory body.

Handshake is now almost a matured and established but juvenile business continuation although it has taken near about significant 2 years after its configuration in 2016 at Ekuria under Kapasia in Gazipur.

Handshake is on track with its first project named as Handshake Agro which is blooming with fattening cattle to produce calorific meat and milk. Its vow to positive hit on GDP of the country though it could not be solidly countable.

Handshake always deserves support and mutual collaboration from all actors and sectors to be run on right track. It envisions only running business and profiting maximization.