Growing history

Handshake (Pvt.) Limited started its voyage as child in 2016 but it has a remarkable development history. Before establishment of this existence, a few members of that thought very pragmatically how to form an organization which would apply a cooperative method including fabulous stakeholders and large number of shareholders.

It is ought to mention that Running Chairman Mr. Asaduzzaman Bhuiyan Rubel, Advisor Mr. Rabiul Newaz Sarker, Advisor Mr. Anisur Rahman Mahbub, Director Admin and HR Mr. Md. Akram Hossain and Director Mr. Mahbubur Rahman Milton were the pioneer thinker of this entity.

Firstly, they accommodated frequent meeting in Dhaka and Ekuria and finally plan to develop this business body. However, they shared their plan and thinking to the people who are young, friends and eager to do business. They organized two meetings at Ekuria and Karihata and got unexpected responses to execute their plan.

lastly, they organized a formal meeting at Ekuria Bazar on 29.07.2016 and wrote up the bylaws, formed executive board, Advisory board and General Board. The organization started its long journey as Bhandhan (Pvt.) Limited which is now Handshake (Pvt.) Limited where Mr. Mostafizur Rahman Salim is performing honorary role of Chief Advisor.

After well formation of the organization, most of the members are highly ambitious to optimize the goal of that. It is mandate to mention a few persons who support to operate the organization as per its bylaws. They are Mr. Mahafuzur Rahman Mamun, Director of the Board, Mr. Arafat Hossain Mishu, Managing Director of the Board.

Many members who are high officials from different govt. and non govt. sectors like Bangladesh Military, Health and Education as well as business are now cooperating the body providing technical and intellectual assistance.

Mr. Rabiul Newaz Sarker, Founder Vice ChairmanMr. Kamruzzaman Babu and Mr. Mamun Sarker are playing now sole responsibility to set the organization in productive stage. Handshake (Pvt.) Limited is now walking its path to ensure economic as well as social change for all members and community people. We are expecting further cooperation of all members to ensure its enriched and successful future.